The Case for Free Trade

Further reading:

A Primer on Trade by Mark Brandly

Economic Sophisms by Frédéric Bastiat (Chapters 6–7 in The Bastiat Collection; for the French original, see Sophismes Économiques)

Protectionism and the Destruction of Prosperity by Murray N. Rothbard

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3 Modern Arguments for Tariffs, Debunked by Robert P. Murphy

Money, Method, and the Market Process (Chapters 9–12) by Ludwig von Mises

Foreign Trade and U.S. Policy: The Case for Free International Trade by Leland Yeager & David Tuerck

Review Essay of Global Trade and Conflicting National Interests by Ralph E. Gomory and William J. Baumol by Mark Brandly

Roberts is Half Right by Joseph T. Salerno

Globalization: The Long-Run Big Picture by George Reisman

The Theory of International Trade by Gottfried Haberler

An Outline of International Price Theory by Chi-Yuen Wu

Studies in the Theory of International Trade by Jacob Viner

Entrepreneurship and Comparative Advantage by Carmen Elena Dorobăț & Mihai-Vladimir Topan

A Brief History of International Trade Thought: From Pre-Doctrinal Contributions to 21st Century Heterodox Economics by Carmen Elena Dorobăț

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