The Market for Military Defence

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The Market for Security

Anarchist-Minarchist Debate

Article mentioned:

But Wouldn't Warlords Take Over? by Robert P. Murphy

Further reading:

The Myth of National Defense: Essays on the Theory and History of Security Production edited by Hans-Hermann Hoppe

National Defense and the Public-Goods Problem by Jeffrey Rogers Hummel & Don Lavoie (Chapter 7 in Anarchy and the Law)

Defending a Free Nation by Roderick T. Long (Chapter 8 in Anarchy and the Law)

Chaos Theory: Two Essays on Market Anarchy by Robert P. Murphy

Private Defense in the History of Genoa by Matteo Salonia

When It Comes to National Defense, Bigger Isn’t Always Better by Ryan McMaken

The Power of Nations: Measuring What Matters by Michael Beckley

Minimum Deterrence as a Vulnerability in the Market Provision of National Defense by Joseph Michael Newhard

Libertarian Law and Military Defense by Robert P. Murphy

A Strategic Doctrine of Disproportionate Force for Decentralized Asymmetric Warfare by Joseph Michael Newhard