The Rothbardian Theory of Taxes

Further reading:

Power and Market: Government and the Economy by Murray N. Rothbard (Chapter 4)

Man, Economy, and State by Murray N. Rothbard (Chapter 12) + Study Guide

Economic Controversies by Murray N. Rothbard (Chapters 24–31)

The Economics and Sociology of Taxation by Hans-Hermann Hoppe (Chapter 2 in The Economics and Ethics of Private Property)

La Tyrannie Fiscale by Pascal Salin (for the English translation, see Tax Tyranny)

Austrians vs the Mainstream: on Taxes by Jeffrey M. Herbener

Jean-Baptiste Say, the Father of Austrian Public Finance: Views on Taxation by Mark Brandly

The Justification for Taxation in the Public Finance Literature: An Unorthodox View by Walter Block

The Corporate Income Tax: An Entrepreneurial Perspective by Valerio Filoso

Clarifying the Analysis of Deadweight Loss from Taxation by Tate Fegley, Kristoffer Mousten Hansen & Karl-Friedrich Israel